Listen to Meribah Knight’s The Promise, chosen by the The New Yorker as one of the top ten podcasts of 2018. Meribah has an uncanny ability to get people to open up. This six-part series is revelatory. Meribah has crafted this beautiful tapestry of stories around place, the Cayce Homes public housing complex which happens to sit smack in the middle of all this gentrification. The stories will knock you off balance – and wanting more. Sarah Larson of The New Yorker wrote,  “My chief complain about “The Promise” is that there’s not enough of it.” Rest assured, I hear Meribah’s working on a second season.  


Bing Liu’s Minding the Gap is an original. This documentary is filmmaking and storytelling at its absolute best. It took my breath away – and left me reeling. It’s ostensibly about skateboarding, but at its heart it’s about class and race and manhood. My 20-year-old son told me he cried through the whole film. That’s a measure of its intimacy and power. It’s available on Hulu. Watch it! It’ll stay with you.